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Black Mould Removal

CRCS DKI has specialized in mould removal for over 10 years. Our staff are trained to handle any mould situation, and have the experience to ensure the job is done in a safe and timely manner. Mildew can begin to form after 48 hours – mildew is the early onset of mould growth. Acting FAST is the key! It is important to keep in mind that there may be more issues behind walls, overtop of ceiling tiles, on rafters and floor joists and may not be visible. This is why CRCS DKI uses specialized mould inspection equipment. Also, we use only the safest cleaning products, even some of the cleaning products we use are plant based! Which means once we are gone the affected areas are especially safe for people with weaker immune systems and pets. We pride ourselves as being the industry leader, and we take mould very seriously as several health risks are associated with mould.

Mould needs a few things to grow – If we remove one of the elements below mould will likely not survive:

  • Organic food source
  • Moisture/Water
  • Air

Mould Removal Services Can Include:

  • Contain the area so airborne spores do not contaminate the rest of the building.
  • Block off cold air return vents & HVAC systems from affecting other areas.Use of proper Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.
  • Air filtration using HEPA equipment.
  • Remove the food source.
  • Apply anti-microbial products to effected areas.
  • Removal of affected area’s building materials
  • Reducing humidity and completely drying structure.
  • Address the cause of the moisture, i.e., plumbing leak.
  • Complete reconstruction services to pre-loss condition.

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