Fire & Smoke Damage

Cleanup and Smoke Smell Removal

Fire, smoke, and water—when a fire ignites on your property, all of these basic elements can combine to do major damage. Recovering after a fire requires a lot of hard work and extensive knowledge of proper cleaning procedures—that’s why you want the experts at CRCS DKI on your side! It takes training and experience to know how to deal with each fire and smoke situation in order to minimize damage and prepare for repairs and reconstruction.  Not all fires are the same when dealing with smoke damage. The experts at CRCS DKI use the industry’s best specialized cleaning products and equipment, to quickly remove the smoke smell and begin repairs. We know how to help you when you need it the most. Let our team of professional and qualified workmanship rebuild your home and lives.

Why Choose CRCS DKI?

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best disaster cleanup and restoration services available. We accomplish this by making sure we only hire the best and most experienced employees, as well as by offering regular training courses to keep our technicians up to date on the latest trends and industry best practices. We are a full-service provider of disaster cleanup services. When your home is negatively impacted by fire and smoke, you can rely on us to set things right again. We’ll take over the entire process; our team will remove any debris, clean up the smoke residue, clean and restore any damaged contents, extract any standing water, and restore damaged areas of your property to their original condition.

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