Asbestos Removal

Do you have asbestos in your home or business?

Asbestos is not just found in vehicle brakes. It was common practice to use asbestos in many products before it was banned for these uses in the early 1980’s. Before this time asbestos had been mined for hundreds of years, becoming a popular building material in the 1950s. It’s flame resistant and long lasting abilities as an insulator made it a popular choice for contractors over the years.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the real dangers were revealed, causing a scare among those who owned blow dryers that used asbestos. While this material is natural occurring, it is highly dangerous. If your home or office building contains this dangerous mineral, it’s time to take action.

Asbestos abatement should be taken seriously if this substance is found within the walls of your home. Without the proper equipment, an attempted asbestos removal may cause more harm than good. It is when this mineral is disturbed in some way that it will enter the lungs causing cancer and other dangerous problems. Only those who have been professionally trained should attempt to remove asbestos from your home. At CRCS DKI, our team is trained and equipped to safely handle this harmful mineral when it is present in your home, eliminating the damage it can deliver.

Serious and fatal lung diseases occur as a direct result of asbestos exposure. Because it often takes decades for the symptoms to develop, these problems will often go untreated until it is too late. With early asbestos abatement, you can remove the chance for continued damage to your health.

While asbestos comes in three colors – blue, brown, and white – it is more difficult to identify because it was often mixed with other materials during the building process. Because of this, asbestos testing is the only way to know for certain whether this dangerous substance is present in your home.

If your home or commercial building was constructed before 1984 then there is a chance you could have asbestos containing products present. Asbestos testing in your home can save your life. Thousands of people across North America have died as a direct result of this dangerous substance in the home, asbestos removal will eliminate the risk, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Some common building materials to look for:

  • Ceiling tiles
  • VCT floor tiles
  • Lathe and Plaster walls or ceilings
  • Insulation around water pipes or heat ducting
  • Vermiculite insulation was often blown into attics

What should you do if you suspect you could have asbestos?

The best thing is to leave it alone.

Put your home DIY projects on hold until asbestos abatement has taken place.

Don’t start to rip it out. You will disturb the fibers and make them airborne.

We can take a sample for you and have it analyzed.

No asbestos removal situation is too small or too large – if you suspect asbestos, do not hesitate to give us a call. Through an asbestos test, we can make plans to eliminate this risk in your home.

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