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Help Protect Your Home While You Are Away This Summer

(June, 2017) – The seasons officially changes to summer this month, (woohoo!) and with that many people start to book their summer-time vacations. And for most, this means travel with extended periods of time away from their homes. In the property restoration business we often see the damaging results of people being away from their homes, and more-often-than-not, these damages could have been minimized with some preventive measures.

The easiest trick to prevent major water damage in your home while your away is to turn off the water main. By turning the water main off, you eliminate continuous water flow for the entire time you are away. If a dishwasher, or laundry machine supply line were to come off, only the water in the system would leak into your home – not an endless supply! You can also reduce the amount of water in the plumbing lines by draining the system. To drain the plumbing lines, turn on the lowest level tap in your home, a basement bathroom sink or basement laundry room tub is ideal. Just remember to turn that tap off before you turn the water back on, as you may spray water everywhere upon return from your vacation. This whole procedure should only take you 5 minutes, and can save you from having a major water damage disaster.

water damage
                                                                                                                                                              Extensive water damage to a finished basement

Another easy trick is to unplug as many electronics as you can., i.e., toasters, coffee makers, cell-phone chargers, and curling irons. Pay particular attention to laptops or computers. These devices can get very hot, causing an electrical short and sparks. Make sure especially with laptops that they are clear of bedding, couches and curtains/drapery. Over the years we have seen several fire losses where the laptop was left accidentally on a soft surface and the machine overheated and sparked a massive fire.

                                                                                                                                                                         Bedroom fire on the second floor

And thirdly, we highly recommend you have someone check your home every other day. Not only is this usually a requirement of most home insurance policies, it also gives you a peace of mind that you home is being properly taken care of. Also, there are several smart-home solutions that can help add to your peace-of-mind. Video monitoring, and remote climate control are just some of the affordable new solutions on the market today – something our grandparents never had access to!

Hopefully these simply tips help you enjoy you vacation even more, knowing everything is safe and sound when you return home.

Safe travels and thanks for reading,

Matt Douglas, AAS, ASD, WRT


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spring time house maintenance

Spring is Here – Some Easy Maintenance and Prevention Tips for Around the House

Spring is in the air, and it is a great time to check out your home for any winter damage, and also do some preventive maintenance. This month’s blog-post comes courtesy of our nearest DKI Canada neighbor, Sara Pasternak of Con-Tech DKI.

Spring is Here – Some Easy Maintenance and Prevention Tips for Around the House

Spring has sprung! Along with the benefits of warm weather, bright colours and sunshine come risks for your home. It is important to properly prepare your home for the various risks that can be present during spring time.  The first thing that you want to do is CHECK YOUR GUTTERS. Make certain all gutters are free of any debris; remove any blocks in gutters and outdoor faucets. Also ensure all downspouts are facing away from your foundation to avoid water buildup.  Make sure to also check ROOF SHINGLES. If any damage has occurred during the winter months it is best that it is looked after sooner rather than later in order to avoid future issues. Please remember if you will be using a ladder during any of these tasks, DON’T BE LIKE THIS GUY:   ladder

While you are prepping the outside of your home for spring it is a good idea to check all caulking around windows & doors. Gaps or cracks in caulking leaves room for moisture and other dangers to enter your home, so be sure to replace any damaged caulking. Speaking of cracks, make sure to check for any cracks around your home. This includes patios, walkways and any other outdoor surfaces. Any cracks or damages are an open invitation for water to enter and damage your home.

After a long winter it is always a good idea to check around your home for any visible leaks. This includes anything that is readily visible on both the outside and inside of your home. Catching a leak early, before it has time to do any serious damage is the first step in avoiding costly repairs.

Inspect all outdoor amenities before using them for the spring season. This includes your air conditioning units, gas BBQ’s, outdoor faucets, outdoor lights etc. Not only can this keep your home safe, by revealing any issues with the appliance/amenity prior to there being a problem, but regular maintenance can also help various outdoor appliances last longer as well. Please ensure to check all appliances in a safe manner. If this is not possible please make sure to contact a professional DON’T BE LIKE THIS GUY:

LASTLY, please ensure to do regular checks around the interior of your home as well. This includes, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, faucets, hoses, pipes, fireplaces, air filters etc. Regular maintenance of your home on both the interior and exterior can help prevent any stressful or costly damages in the future, and FINALLY enjoy the warm weather! You deserve it! ☀

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fire damaged kitchen before



fire damaged kitchen before

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and cupid has his arrow targeting many couples to create an evening filled with love and romance. Some of the most popular components of these romantic evenings are candlelight, snuggling in front of a warm, glowing fire and of course a lovingly prepared home cooked dinner.   Aside from the romantic ambiance, these elements also have something else in common…fire hazard.

The last thing anyone wants to spoil a beautiful, romantic evening with your partner is to have to call the fire department to extinguish an accidental fire.

Our friends at Foley Restoration DKI would like to offer these easy fire safety tips to ensure your evening fans the flames of desire…not the flames of a fire!

First and foremost – ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have recently been tested and are working.  If you haven’t tested them lately, do it now!


  • Always treat candles with care and never leave a burning candle unattended in a room
  • Ensure the candles are places on a sturdy, non-combustible surface where they can’t be tipped over and that they are placed in proper holders
  • Never place candles near windows, bedding, shower curtains, books or magazines
  • Avoid placing candles on night stands, high traffic areas or on stairs
  • Do not place candles under shelves or lamps
  • Always properly extinguish candles before retiring for the night
  • Of course the safest option is to use flame-less, battery powered candles. There are some very realistic looking ones out there these days


  • Plan for your romantic evening and ensure your chimney has been cleaned and inspected as Creosote can build up and cause a fire
  • Ensure there are no cracks in your chimney where fire can get through
  • Always have a properly fitting screen placed in front of your fireplace
  • If it is a gas fireplace, ensure it has been checked to prevent carbon monoxide leaks
  • Again, make sure the fire is put out before you retire for the evening


  • Stay in the kitchen while you are preparing your food on the stove and pay attention to what is happening there. Distraction in the kitchen can end in disaster
  • Most cooking fires are grease fires. If you are faced with a grease fire in the pan, don’t panic! Keep properly fitting lids near the stove so you can easily slide it onto the flaming pan and extinguish the flames and turn off the burner. NEVER add water!
  • Know the ingredients you are cooking with. Not all oils heat up the same and they each have different ignition temperatures.
  • If deep frying is on the menu, do it in a proper deep fryer…don’t improvise.
  • Do not wear loose, flowing fabrics while cooking as these can easily catch on fire
  • Never leave pot holders, oven mitts or tea towels near the burners where they can ignite
  • Keep pan handles turned inward so they can’t be knocked or bumped off the stove
  • Ensure all burners and oven are turned off before you leave the kitchen to enjoy your meal
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Natural Disasters… How Prepared are You?


CRCS DKI is here to help. This infographic helps you prepare for natural disasters.

Disasters happen whether it’s rain, wind or flood. Be prepared in the right way and make sure you have what will help you in midst of troubling times. Brought to you by CRCS DKI.

A Few Tips to Help Prepare for a Natural Disaster

  • Make a copy of your insurance policy and ensure you understand your coverage
  • Make copies of other “essential documents” – such as driver’s license, passport, social security card, etc. and store in a waterproof container inside a fireproof safe
  • Take a household inventory of everything you own, like appliances and electronics
  • Stock up on food, water, and batteries – enough for each family member for a minimum of 3 days
  • Create a grab and go bag for each family member in case you need to suddenly leave your house
  • Strap your water heater to the wall

If you know of a disaster in your area, please call CRCS DKI to help restore your life and get things back in order.

Call Now – 905-430-3477

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What Should I Do After a House Fire?

For many, a house fire can be devastating. Depending on how severe the damage is, you could be picking up the pieces of your life for a long time following the disaster. No matter how much damage is done, there are a few steps you can take to help your family recover after a house fire. Do these things to get your home back in order.


Don’t Go Inside Until You Hear It’s Safe


Directly following a house fire, your home may not be stable. Don’t re-enter the home until an authority figure has told you it is safe to do so. There may be structural damage to the home, depending on how extensive the fire was, that will not be stable. Rather than taking the risk, wait until you know for sure it is safe to enter. If the damage is too much, you may not be allowed inside till after the restoration process.

Call the Right People


During the fire, it is crucial that you call emergency fire immediately. After they have it under control, there are a few other people who should be contactacted:


  • Family members – contact family members who weren’t present for the fire. This is especially important if these family members live with you. Give any necessary information, especially a confirmation that you are ok.
  • Insurance – don’t expect that following a fire you will automatically be contacted by your insurance. Start the insurance claim process to save your financial safety.
  • Disaster restoration – often times the insurance will contact a disaster restoration company to help restore your home. Make sure that they refer you to a disaster restoration company you can trust.


Attending to Every Issue


After a fire, the restoration process deals with more than just the fire damage caused by the flames. Smoke damage can be just as lasting and damaging to your home. In addition to this, it is difficult to remove smoke damage, particularly the smell from your home.

While the structure of your home is often the focus in restoration after a fire, contents restoration is vital as well. What goes into your house is what makes it a home. Don’t let your most precious items be ruined by a fire, make them part of the restoration process.

A home fire can be devastating. Take the required steps to get your home back on track. Don’t be lost after the damage, get your life back together. Call CRCS to restore your home after fire damage: 800-563-3477

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